Monday, May 16, 2011

Ariadne and Bacchus

According to a Greek legend, Bacchus found Ariadne on the island of Naxos where she had been abandoned by Theseus. From then on they lived together.

De acordo com uma lenda grega Baco teria encontrado Ariadne na ilha de Naxos onde Teseu a terá abandonado. Passaram a viver juntos.

Unknown (1th century)-'Bacchus and Ariadne'-Roman cameo Paris-Musée du Louvre

Attr. Creusa painter-'Ariadne and Bacchus'-lucanian-(red-figure)-volute krater-(380-360 BC) Toledo (Ohio)-Museum of Art (1981.110)

Unknown-'Ariadne and Bacchus'-fresco-1th century Napoli-Museo Archeologico Nazionale (from Pompeii-house of the golden bracelet)

Antoine-Jean Gros (1771-1835)-'Bacchus and Ariadne'-oil on canvas Ottawa-National Gallery of Canada

Jacopo Robusti or Tintoretto (ca 1516-1594)-'Bacchus, Venus and Ariadne'-oil on canvas-1576

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